Chapitre 1: Crépuscule

With the sound of ringing the teacher stop the last lesson of the day, after I pick up my things a friend of mine who live near me came. Her name is Takeshi Sayuri she is in the same class as me we meet each other 2 years ago at the second year of junior high school. She has a brown short hair, pale skin, her eyes were gently glowing with a colour like that of the hot chocolate and the most important of all she has a big pair you understand what I mean.
“Do you want to go to the café before we leave to home Rei-chan?”
The café wasn’t crowded with people. Me and Sayuri have ordered the same, a chocolate cake and coffee cream.
While we are eating I remembered that Sayuri work in a part time job.
“Doesn’t you have work now?”
“I’m free today.”
“Maybe I should find a job too.”
“How can I say it? I want to do new things.”
“I got it.”
“Hmm. You want to pay a gigolo.”
“I will beat you.”
“It’s so funny to tease you.”
“Maybe because I am not a poker face like you.”
“You hurted my felling.”
“I wasn’t knowing that you have one, I’m really really sorry.”
“You said that you want a work. I know a café that needs personnel if I remember well its name is Crépuscul, I will send you its address later at night.”
“Just give it to me now.”
“I forget the name of the street.”
Sayuri was always like this, she forgets things easily but I have never meet someone as intelligent as her.
“Ok, let’s go then.”
While doing my homework I got the address from Sayuri. I think that I will give this café a visit tomorrow after school.
I am now in front of the café I would have liked that Sayuri came white me but unfortunately, she is working today.
The café door was made from a carved wood and six glasses squares and a half disc each one on a different colour. After taking a deep breath, I entered, the interior was small but it has a calming atmosphere the floor was from pallets the wall was from bricks as for the roof it was from the gypsum with a big captivating chandelier at the center there was also around 9 round table made from wood white two chair for each one and two square table each one have a twin of sofa.
“Waiter-san, is the manager here?”
There were two waiters in the coffee the one that I asked was tall, maybe around 180 cm, his black hair was going to the back, his eyes were dark brown and his skin was white.
“I am the manager.”
“Nice to meet you my name is Misaki Rei.”
“Nice to meet you too Misaki-san. I am Fujiwara Shogo. Then are you here for the work?”
“Yes, I would like to work here Fujiwara-sama.”
“I will pay you 1000 yen per hour and you will have to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Friday from 16:30 to 19:00 and Sunday from 7:00 to 12:00 what do you think? ”
“It’s perfect Fujiwara-sama.”
“Tomorrow is Sunday so came at 6:30. ”
“Yes Fujiwara-sama, but isn’t 7 o’clock so early to open the café?”
“We have special customer in Sunday.”
Special customer in Sunday? What does he mean?
“I will take my leave now Fujiwara-sama.”
“Wait, why you don’t order something as a guest Misaki-chan, it’s on the house of course.”
“Then I will accept your offer Fujiwara-sama.”
There were in the Menu some French patisseries and some other ones who know from where they are? like ‘Kaab ghzal’ it was written in another name too in French maybe, ‘Corne de gazelle’.
Will I was lost in my thoughts the real waiter came. He wasn’t looking like a Japanese at all maybe he is a German or something like this but who care, his brown hair reaches till his shoulder, his eyes have a lightly brown colour and his skin was white as for the size it was around 175 cm.
“Welcome. Have you already decided on your order?”
“Yes. I would like this chocolate cake and this ‘Corne de gazelle’ and coffee cream, please.”
“So, is the order a chocolate cake, ‘Corne de gazelle’ and coffee cream?”
“Yes, thank you very much.”
It doesn’t take long for the waiter to come back.
“This is your order.”
After I finished the chocolate cake I took a bite from the ‘Corne de gazelle’.
From the first one I can tell that it’s an amazing sample patisserie I think that she is made from two main ingredients Almonds and orange blossom water that were wrap up in some type of paste.
“How was it?”
While I was tasting Fujiwara-sama showed up.
“It’s great but I think that it will be more delicious if it was accompanied with tea.”
“that’s true”
“Can I ask you from which country is this patisserie Fujiwara-sama?”
“Morocco in Arabic Al-Maghrib, do you know what it mean?”
“No, what is it its meaning Fujiwara-sama?”
“It means where the sun set, it’s the opposite of Japan the land of the rising sun”
While we were chatting a ringing sound came from the Door, it seem that another customer has come.
“That was interesting. I will go now Fujiwara-sama I don’t want to distribute your work.”
“See you tomorrow Misaki-chan.”
“Ahren did you enter the board?”
“Yes, Shogo.”
“What do you think about Misaki-chan, can she do it?”
“We will see tomorrow.”
“What if she tries to tell someone?”
“I will put a familiar spirit on her like this I can erase her memory before she tells anyone.”
“And I was thinking that you don’t have a brain.”
“You got bored from life or what?”
It’s already 5:00 I want to sleep more but it’s my first day in work I can’t be late, and I want to see who are those special customers that makes him open the coffee at 7 o’clock.
“Good morning.”
Just as I got in the café I found the waiter cleaning the floor. Thinking about it I still don’t know his name.
“Good morning Misaki-san. My name is Braun Ahren, sorry for the late introduction, I’m looking forward to work with you.”
“I’m looking forward to work with you too Braun-senpai.”
“Now wear your uniform, you will find it in the staff room.”
“You have already prepared a uniform for me!”
“That’s so easy for a magician like me.”
Is this his way of joking? That’s so lame.
The personals room was so simple with her 4 cupboards. My name was in one of them and there was only my uniform in it. It didn’t take me long to wear it and surprisingly it feats me perfectly.
While going out from the personals room I meet Fujiwara-sama.
“Good morning Fujiwara-sama.”
“Good morning Misaki-chan. Are you ready?”
“Yes fujiwara-sama.”
“You will work as a waitress as for Ahren he will help me.”
“Understood. If I may ask, what is special about today’s customers?”
“You will see by yours***.”
Before that Fujiwara-sama can end his sentence a ringing sound echoed.
“Go now Misaki-chan.”
Even if I answered with a firm voice my steps wasn’t, but after I have seen the customer all the stress transformed to a shock.

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