Chapitre 2: Parallel World


What will you think if you see someone around 190 cm long wearing an armor and equipped with a sword in a coffee at 7 o’clock in the 21st century? At least in Japan most of the people if not all will think that it’s a cosplay and so I am.
“Welcome, have you already decided on your order?”
“Give me Almond’s Briouates, stuffed M’smen and tea. I have been waiting a week to eat my breakfast here.”
“So, is your order Almond’s Briouates, stuffed M’smen and tea?”
“Yes. May I ask where is Ahren?”
“I’m here captain Jasper.”
“Ahren how are you been doing?”
“Good brother.”
“That’s great then.”
“Misaki-san this is the captain of the royal city guards Jasper. Jasper this is our new waitress Misaki-san.”
Just after Braun-senpai introduced to each other something got my attention when a new customer has came, it wasn’t the customer himself it was something behind him it was the seine. A street from bricks, peoples with different clothes from robes and dresses to armors. As for the customer, he was wearing a dark blue robe and has white hair even if he looks to be in his 20th.
“Another customer has come I should go back to my work. Have a nice breakfast brother Jasper.”
“Then I will come back with your order Jasper-san.”
“Thank you.”
I must speak with Fujiwara-sama or Braun-senpai about what’s happening here after getting the new customer’s order.
“First order Almond’s Briouates, stuffed M’smen and tea. Second order Pistachios M’hanncha Crepes with honey and coffee.”
While Braun-senpai is preparing tea, coffee, Almond’s Briouates and honey. I asked him about this craziness.
“Can I ask you Braun-senpai?”
“Of course.”
“Why Jasper-san is wearing an Armor?”
“As I said he is the captain of the royal city guards.”
Where? In Game of thrones.
“Then what about the seine behind the door? I don’t remember that the street was like this when I was coming.”
“Well, it’s not the same street it’s the street of another world. And people of another world and so customers of another world. That’s what special about today’s customers.”
It’s true that I want to do something new but isn’t that too much? Customers from another world? fortunately they speak Japanese or I would have to learn their language…wait isn’t that weird?
“But how can they speak Japanese?”
“They don’t.”
“Have you forgot? I told you that I’m a magician, I placed a spell in the café that make you hear what the customers say in Japanese and vice-versa.”
“Are you saying that magic exists?”
“Yes, but the people of your world can’t use it because you don’t have magic veins.”
“Does that mean…”
“Yes, I’m from the other world.”
“Do you think I’m joking after all what you have seen?”
“Then why haven’t you told me before?”
“Are you really asking me this?”
That’s true like if you will believe someone if he told you something like this.
“Enough chatting, stuffed M’smen and crepes are ready.”
“Yes Fujiwara-sama.”
“This your order Jasper-san.”
“Thanks, I really like this stuffed M’smen. Its filling is so savoury.”
“Then enjoy your meal Jasper-san.”
“Misaki-san the bill please.”
“30 Fida Jasper-san.”
“Take, I will go now, see you next week.”
“Why until next week?”
“Don’t you know? The café doesn’t open his door for us just in Sunday.”
“I see. Then see you next week Jasper-san.”
“I am going home now, goodbye Fujiwara-sama, Braun-senpai.”
“Wait take this, how can you serve something when you haven’t tasted it yet.”
“Thank you Fujiwara-sama.”
“I nearly forgot, don’t tell anyone about the parallel world. ”
“Ok Braun-senpai.”
“Be careful in your way.”
Now it’s 12:10, I will send a message to Sayuri telling her to come to my home because I need her help in maths.
While I’m doing an exercise that Sayuri giveth to me.
“Rei I have something to tell you.”
Why she is so serious? Has something bad happened?
“The truth is…. you are so stupid.”
After saying that this bitch blow in a hysterical laugh. I will make you regret what you said.
“My patron giveth me some delicious Moroccan patisseries and you know I was going to share it with you but if I’m stupid maybe I need to eat it alone it may help me.”
“I was just joking Rei-chan, I thought that you were stressed so I wanted to help you relax.”
Good girl.
“Let’s take a break, what would you like to drink Sayu-chan.”
“Tea please.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Waw. What the name of this Rei-chan.”
“This is Almond Ghriba with chocolate let’s try it, I haven’t tasted it yet too. Itadakimas.”
“I’m in love. It’s a bit crunchy on the outside but chewy inside. As for the taste, it’s just incredible. Can I eat another one?”
“No, I have just a pair of each one.”
“Nasty, then what is this?”
“Pistachios M’hanncha and this is date M’hanncha and this is Chebakia as for this it’s Almond Briouates and lastly Corne de gazelle.”
“I can’t remember anything,”
“Whatever let’s continue now.”
The Pisatchios M’hanncha was mind blowing, an exotic smell, a majestic savour. All I can say about it is that its mains ingredients are Almond and Pistachios.
“Magnificent, it’s a regal. Tell me, are you working tomorrow Rei-chan?”
“Yes, I’m working from 16:30 to 19 O’clock, but why are you asking?”
“I will visit you.”

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